DIEP is the usual name for the newest breast reconstruction technique. It only uses skin and fat from the abdomen, without destroying any muscle or using any material that is foreign to the body (breast implants). The objective of the plastic surgeon is to create a new breast that is as similar as possible to a natural breast. This procedure does not interfere with either the treatment or the subsequent monitoring of breast cancer. The proof of this is that oncologists are recommending it more and more.
This reconstruction method is the one used the most in prestigious hospital centers around the world. It is applicable to the majority of mastectomy patients, which constitutes a significant step forward in the fight against the effects of breast cancer treatment.


Burns are a serious problem that require emergency medical care, and the approach is multidisciplinary and variable as it covers is the specific surgical aspect and continues through to a series of events that culminate in the final aesthetics.


The use of the hands is important for the performance of all our activities. A small degree of pain or deformity, no matter how simple, can cause serious consequences.
Our specialists perform hand surgery in order to improve not only the hand's function, but also its appearance. There are many different types of hand surgery that call for a highly specialized plastic surgeon.


The lack of union of certain facial structures before the first trimester of pregnancy results in a cleft lip with or without a cleft palate. If your baby has this congenital malformation, it is necessary to begin treatment during the first months of life. The participation of several specialists, such as plastic surgeons, dentists, speech therapists and pediatricians, is necessary to solve problems such as closing the cleft lip and palate, correcting the nose, preventing functional alterations, improving the aesthetic appearance and quality of life.


Facial traumas such as wounds or burns are considered genuine emergencies which, if not treated during the first hours, can leave hypertrophic and painful scars with an unsatisfactory aesthetic result. Ruptures in the bones of the head and face are known as cranial and facial fractures.

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