This is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that removes fat located around the waist. Since very little convalescence and care is required after treatment, you can return to your daily activities in just a few days.


Gynecomastia is a benign proliferation of the glandular component of the male breast that is caused by an increase in the rate of estrogenic and androgenic activity. It can be treated by lipoaspiration or breast tissue resection.


The facelift is a surgical procedure to repair the skin of the face and neck that has become dried, wrinkled and sagging due to the passage of time, poor diet or an inherited tendency. It is performed by removing excess fat and skin, giving tension to the major muscles of the face and neck.
It is performed through preauricular incisions in the temples, behind the earlobes and in the scalp area.


Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to reposition prominent ears to a more normal position, reducing the angle with respect to the head, or to reduce the size of large ears. It is a surgery that is performed with children and that can also be performed with adults, with no major risks at this age.


Surgical repair or reconstruction of an eyelid, technically known as blepharoplasty, is a procedure to remove fat and excess skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids. Blepharoplasty can correct the sagging of the upper eyelids and bags under the lower eyelids, features that make us seem older and more tired than we really are and which, in some cases, can interfere with our vision. Blepharoplasty does not delete "crow's feet" or other wrinkles, however, nor does it correct drooping eyebrows. It can be performed on its own or in conjunction with other facial cosmetic surgeries, such as a cervicofacial lift or a brow lift.


Mentoplasty is one of facial plastic surgery's most popular and satisfying techniques. By increasing the size of the chin the face acquires the balance needed to achieve a harmonious and more youthful appearance. We can help you look the way you always wanted to.


Rhinoplasty involves correcting a functional problem of the septum or a respiratory deficiency, performing a cosmetic change at the same time. Functional alterations of the nose may be due to trauma at certain stages of life, congenital malformations or development.